Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Five Days of Rain

This is spring break week for the kids, but it feels like we haven't seen much of spring (well, my daughter has, because she's in Italy with her grandparents. Brat. I am so jealous.). We're on our fifth day of rain today, with more on tap for tomorrow. Yesterday, we went to the newly revamped Boston Children's Museum, as did half of the other children in Massachusetts. Wow. I'm not sure how to describe the energy level in that place, other than overwhelming, surely measured in megatons.

I do get a bit of a treat tomorrow night, with the first rehearsal of Measuring Matthew, for the Dragonfly Festival (May 10-13, in Boston). This is a play that's been produced successfully in other cities, but I've never had the chance to be involved in any of the productions or even see the show. First rehearsals, especially with unfamiliar actors, are a bit like going on a first date. I'll be both nervous and excited, and on my best behavior, trying to make a good impression (and I assume they'll do the same for me and for the director). The day before first rehearsal can sometimes be the moment of peak potential--everyone involved has the potential to have this be a transcendent experience--the actors will all understand their roles perfectly, the director will fully grok the piece, and the playwright will make the perfect tweaks to the script. It's definitely a time to savor, before the hard work and reality sets in (though sometimes the experience actually exceeds expectations).

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