Monday, April 30, 2007

Good News: Pumpkin Patch advances

My short play, Pumpkin Patch, had its premiere on Saturday night, at the American Globe/Turnip Theatre 15-Minute Play Festival in New York. The show went pretty well. For various reasons, the rehearsal period ended up being compressed, so the actors and director were working hard on Friday night and during the day on Saturday to get ready. I did my best to be helpful.

The good news is that the play won the competition for that evening, so it will move on to the finals this Friday (7pm) and Saturday (5pm). Competitions decided by audience voting are often problematic, but I think these folks do it better than anywhere else I've seen. The voting is done by secret ballot, you rank your top choices (1-4), and you have to see all the show in order to vote (you can't arrive late or leave early). Seven shows (one from each night) move on to the finals, and the producers pick three others to even it out to ten plays for the final weekend.

I've got my fingers crossed that all will go smoothly this weekend (I'll be in Boston, not NYC).

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