Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ticket to ride

Bought my bus tickets the other night to head to New York for the production of my short play, Pumpkin Patch, by the American Globe/Turnip Theatres in the New York 15-Minute Play Festival. My show runs Saturday night, and if it does well, it'll run again the following weekend.

This is a play that's never been staged before, so I'm especially excited (and nervous) to see it up on stage. It's about a conflict between a white gardener and a black neighbor in a community garden, in a neighborhood that's undergoing gentrification. I'm very curious to see how the audience reacts.

Assuming we don't get stuck in traffic, I should be able to see a rehearsal on Friday afternoon. I'm not one for surprises when it comes to my work--I much prefer to see it in rehearsal before watching it in front of a big audience.

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