Friday, June 22, 2007

5am Habit

So far I've stuck to my plan of getting up at 5am and writing for the past two days. So far so good. (I'm planning to sleep in on weekends.)

I'm a fan of early morning writing, because my mind is clear and I'm still in somewhat of a dream state. I've found I can make it easier if I stick to these rules:

  • Set my my laptop (or blank pad of paper) in place the night before. Pencils and dictionary ready. The tools are all ready to go. The desk is clear of crap besides my work.
  • Make sure my e-mail program and internet browser are closed and I don't open them.
  • I take a tiny bit of time when I go to bed to prepare for the next morning, just giving a conscious thought to what I'll be working on, or re-reading the section I need to edit.
  • I often will listen to music on the ipod, so I don't hear the rest of the household waking up.
  • I don't usually stop for a snack or drink, because I try to get to the desk as quickly as possible.
Both yesterday and today, everyone else got up late, so I was able to put in a full two hours or more each day. Good stuff. (They all know I'm a lot more pleasant when I get my writing in.)

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Malachy Walsh said...

I'm an early morning writer, too....