Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catching Eels (excuses for not posting)

My rate of posting to this blog has slowed considerably as of late. Here are my excuses:

1. I've been working on my novel every day. (Usually at 5am.) Free time and energy are in finite supply over summer vacation, but I've done a good job at sticking to my plan of getting up early every morning to write. I'm making lots of progress, but I haven't been answering many e-mails or following blog discussions or much of anything else.

2. I've been scraping paint. We have a bathroom window, set right in the shower stall, that needs many layers of paint removed, before I repaint it. Turns out this project that I thought would take 2 days will take at least a week. I usually like household projects, but stripping paint sucks. I suppose I could look at it as a metaphor for revising a novel: I peel off layer after layer of accumulated gunk, trying to get to the really good stuff underneath. It's hard work. It requires great patience. No one is paying me to do it. It'll be aesthetically pleasing when I'm done. (Nah, that doesn't really help.)

3. I've been catching eels. And tadpoles. And little green crabs, jellyfish, frogs. The kids and I (and sometimes my wife) have been doing a good job at getting out the beach or ponds or wherever. The eel was really cool. I turned over a rock at the beach, up near the SalemWillows amusement area, and there it was. I've never even seen one before. I was able to scoop it up in my bare hands, but it was incredibly slippery. (I felt like a triumphant hunter landing a unique beast, until two little girls wandered by with five of them in their little bucket.)

That's about it. I'm a slacker.

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