Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Opus and me

Those of you who enjoyed my play, Pieces of Whitey, will get a kick out of this Opus strip that ran on July 22. It's practically a scene right out of the play (not exactly. But it's the basic notion. I don't mean that Breathed stole it, just that great minds think alike) (wouldn't I like to be as funny every day as Berkeley Breathed).


DAM* Writer said...

Wait a minute... you wrote PIECES OF WHITEY?! Seriously? Get out...!

What a small world... POW was the first staged reading I saw as part of Stage Left Theatre's Downstage Left program in Chicago. Drew Martin directed, right? I loved it!

My play IN TIMES OF WAR was the next in line for a DSL staged reading, later that month. (October, November 2004?) At the time, the working title may still have been "Reunification."

If I remember correctly, you weren't at that reading -- they tape-recorded the post-reading talkback for you.



patrick said...

Yup, that was me. I'm so glad that you remember it (and that you liked it)! I love working with Stage Left and had a great time with Drew (and I see that you've got a reading coming up directed by him pretty soon. I hope it goes great. Tell him Hi.). I hope I get the chance again. Congrats on your success with them.

Pieces of Whitey had a fine production in Boston in 2005, from the Rough and Tumble Theatre. (I might actually blog more about the play soon.) Stage Left passed, but hopefully it'll appear again somewhere. It's an interesting piece--even the comments from Stage Left were a mix--some people loved it and some just didn't at all.

DAM* Writer said...

Patrick, glad to hear you liked working with SLT... Fall of 2004 was a good two years before I ended up joining the ensemble, but that same energy you experienced was one of the main reasons I decided to say "yes" when invited to join.

Been reading your more recent posts on POW. I've always had the theory that we've done our best work when the response is mixed, violent or skewed. Means we've somehow gotten under the skin of something (no pun intended, originally... but now that I've noticed it, I'm letting it stay).

Oh, and I'll be sure to say "Hi" to Drew, et al. Drew's one of those directors I love to work with: incredibly supportive, respectful and engaged, but with no fear of asking the playwright tough questions.

Best. D.