Sunday, September 2, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation

We just got back from a terrific week in Colorado, visiting with my family and friends. We also took the kids on a tour of our old houses (all three of them). Less than a mile from our old mountain house in Conifer, we saw these two elk fighting/playing along the side of the road. (I only had a Kodak digital snapshot camera, so the video is only so-so.) We actually spent most of our time in Estes Park in or near Rocky Mountain National Park, where we saw tons of elk, plus coyotes and other wildlife. I think we're rooted in New England for a while, but the pull of Colorado (where we lived for 7 years) is strong.

Here's a photo from Jewel Lake that I got, just as the sun was rising over the ridge. I left at around 7am for this 7-mile round trip hike (up to about 10,000 feet) and beat the crowds. It's not often that I get in a solo hike, and I really soaked up the solitude.

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