Wednesday, February 27, 2008

pinkie update

Good news--I got the pin out of my pinkie today. They knocked me out to put it in, but only used a local to take it out. I was a little nervous about that, with images of the doctor with his knee on my chest and a big pair of pliers. It wasn't quite that dramatic, though it was a lot more involved than I expected--gown, real operating room, bunch of nurses, lots of waiting, the same questions over and over and over again, etc.

A few things I've learned:

--It always takes a little longer to recover than I expect. I figured I'd be able to play soccer on Sunday. The doc nixed that (if I'd known I was getting stitches, I guess I could have figured out that one for myself).

--When the doctor tells you that something is going to hurt, that means it's going to hurt a lot. The two injections into the base of the finger hurt, but not so bad. However, the two injections into the end of the finger--wow. The good news is that once those were over, I didn't feel a thing. And he didn't need to yank very hard to get the pin out. (I'm very grateful to the nurse who listened to me prattle on and on so I didn't have to feel them cutting and yanking.)

--It's hard to type without all your fingers, and it's really hard to type when a few of the others are still numb from whatever the heck they put in there.

I've been reading a bunch of great books lately and will blog about them, once I get all the feeling back in my fingers.

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