Friday, February 1, 2008

Tornado Siren highs and lows

I was doing some googling the other day and discovered that it's possible to buy a used copy of Tornado Siren for as little as $2.21 at alibris. There's even a signed copy going for $2.28 (so apparently my signature is worth 7 cents. Who knew?)

However, on the same site, you can also buy a copy of the book for $199.44. (New.) I'm curious as to how they arrive at this price, and a little sad that if they were able to convince someone to pay this hunk of cash, I don't think I'd get a cut. So, I want folks to know that if you're looking to pay that much for one of my books, contact me directly. I will undercut any exorbitant price on any of my books or plays by 10%. Or, if you're really trying to pay the most possible, I will agree to take 10% above whatever price you find on the internet.

If you're too cheap to shell out cash for the book, it is actually owned by a few libraries. At least ten that I've been able to find, thanks to WorldCat (though they don't have every one that I know about) : Brookline, MIT, Cambridge, Corunna Michigan (I have family there), Gainesville Florida (thanks, Mom), Oklahoma City (which makes sense), Phoenix (which seems random), Amherst Virginia, and Meridian Idaho (which makes me happy for some reason).

If you don't see your city listed, then you know what to do--make that request from your system today (pretty please). (Tornado Siren, Patrick Gabridge, ISBN #1-933016-36-1)

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