Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost a Week (down with the flu)

Just lost a whole week to the flu. Noah came down with it on Sunday night and missed the whole week of school, except for an attempt on Thursday that only lasted half a day. By Monday, my fever was almost as high as his, and we both stayed up there for a quite a few days. Tracy was out from work Thursday and Friday. (Only Kira has managed to avoid it so far...) Luckily it's not a stomach flu, but just one that makes you feverish, tired, and miserable.

It's amazing how your whole family being really sick can wipe out an entire week. We managed to buy a few groceries, though we barely cooked. I somehow put in a few freelance hours when I was lucid (which wasn't often), but the big week I had planned completely evaporated. I even missed my Rhombus playwrights meeting on Monday night, which sucked, because I'd reworked the first 17 pages of my new play, Constant State of Panic, and dearly wanted to hear it. The loss of a week on this play is a little scary, because I've got a public rehearsal/reading of the play coming up on April 25, and I'd like to be farther along than 17 pages, but it's been sort of slow going. This week, I'm not likely to have much writing time (I've got a freelance gig and friends visiting). Pressure is good, right?

We're all on the upswing now, and I think Noah and I will be mostly back to normal by tomorrow. Maybe Tracy by Monday. Infuenza Strain A, we were told by my father-in-law (very likely we all picked it up at his retirement party last weekend--he has it, too). Nice to know it has a name, I guess.

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