Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lateset Addiction: Lost

Tracy and I have new addiction. We're working our way through the entire TV series, Lost. I'd never been that interested until we borrowed the first season on DVD from my in-laws. Now we're totally hooked.

We even bought a little converter gadget, so we can visit the ABC web site on our computer and play the shows on our computer (bypassing the need to wait forNetflix). We're at the beginning of season 3 now. I continue to be fascinated by dramatic series like this and this whole long-form narrative that's been created.

Lost is particularly interesting because they've done a good job setting up their world in such a way that they can make some really bizarre events happen to help them work their way out of corners. And they've written a show that pays dividends to careful viewers--little details are important in this show.

I confess to often knocking television, sometimes unfairly. But one thing I haven't really thought about is the social aspect of it. My sense is that television is seen as an antisocial, isolating medium, but that seems so far from the truth. I much prefer to watch the show with Tracy, and half the fun is offering theories back and forth about what's going to happen next. The way the show is structured encourages this, and which seems very smart to me.

I think we'll be relieved when we finally do catch up to the current episodes, so we can actually watch a movie every once in a while. But for now, we're lost in Lost.


Art said...

Hey Patrick,

I caught Counting Rita yesterday at the Marathon.

Very funny. The actresses did a great job!

Didn't see you there.

patrick said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I was very pleased with how it turned out. (I need to write a post about this soon).

Usually I try to see the whole Marathon, but this time (due to childcare issues) I was only able to see about two hours.