Thursday, June 19, 2008

Video Editing Frustration

Okay, so I've had a pretty busy spring, but I finally got some time where I could download the Adobe Premiere Elements 4 software that I bought, in order to start doing some test edits from some silly stuff I shot with my new digital video camera. I open the box and realize that there's a $20 rebate, so I quickly cut up the box and send in my receipt, because the deadline is almost here.

Then I try to load the software (I did this in the wrong order, I now realize). Big problem. It won't run on my laptop, because I don't have a fast enough processor (I have a Pentium III, and it needs a Pentium 4 or better). Crap. The family desktop computer does have a Pentium 4, so I could download it and edit it there, right? Ah, unfortunately, my desktop only has USB ports and my camera output is via a firewire cable. Surely, I could just buy a cable that will convert the output, right? $120 for a cable that will go from firewire to USB.


Now I'm trying to figure out if I should just edit with the Microsoft MovieMaker software that I have, or some other free-ish software, or should I try to get a new more powerful laptop? That could run me $500 or more, though. (Which I don't have at the moment.) Ouch. I'll have to muddle through with the free software now and start saving my pennies.

(Will I soon find myself longing for the days of Super 8 film?)

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