Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Digital TV (very cool) (certain to ruin my life)

We're aware of the big switcheroo is coming in February (all broadcast TV will be only available in digital), so we were about to get a converter, but Tracy had a friend at work who gave us a spare (thanks!). We've never been willing to spring for the money for cable, so we get a handful of channels, very fuzzily, thanks to rabbit ears.

Plugged in the new box. Wow. Clear picture and lots of channels. Even a local weather channel. Something like four or five different PBS channels. It's like having cable, only free. Now when I watch the Patriots on Sundays I might actually be able to see the football on the screen.

The only problem, of course, is that it's likely to ruin my life. Before, there was really not much point in watching TV, besides a few favorite things that felt worth watching through the static. But now, it's all clear and bright, and even Entertainment Tonight is sparkly and ready to go. There's a home and garden PBS channel on all the time, so maybe I can learn to make Norm Abram's latest bookcase or armoire.

Of course, it's all just temporary, because the whole notion of broadcast television is doomed. In a few years, we'll all access TV through the internet, because it doesn't make any sense for content to be only available at one specific hour on one specific night. We've already seen most of the networks gradually open up and offer shows online. In the meantime, I guess I'll be able to rot my brain over the air, though.

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