Friday, January 16, 2009

Jonathan Coulton cracks me up (thanks Dan)

I had lunch with my good friend Dan the other day (the Boston one, not the Illinois one), and later on, he e-mailed me some links about this musician, Jonathan Coulton. He's written lots of funny and clever songs (and some are pretty geeky, which I like). (He makes me think a little of They Might Be Giants.)

He's also done a very fun job of promoting himself and his music with his web site, and also by releasing his music in a way that allows others to use it to make all sorts of videos and mixes. In the modern media world, the way that art reaches the public is so varied and dynamic. Lots of good lessons to be learned from Mr. Coulton about how to engage with an audience in ways that make them invested in the art and the artist (as well as how they can turn it into something of their own.

But there is also lots of fun:

Check out this video: Flickr

Or lots of his songs, but especially Re: Your Brains (which is my favorite zombie song, ever)

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A.S. Freeman said...

I directed a short zombie film this summer, and everyone that even heard about that project recommended "Re: Your Brains" It's one of my favorite songs!