Thursday, January 14, 2010

Off to DC for Constant State of Panic

Tomorrow I head off to Washington, DC, to see the opening of my newest full-length, Constant State of Panic, which is being staged by the Madcap Players at the H Street Playhouse.  I've been getting great feedback from my director and producer, and have been working hard to sell tickets as best I can from Boston.  But this weekend, I'll finally get to see the play under full sail and see how it works.  No matter how well things go in rehearsal, you never really know how a play is going to turn out until you bring up the lights and perform it in front of an actual audience.  That's both the really interesting part about theatre, as well as the really scary part.

I'm especially grateful that I'll get to see the show four times this weekend, which means in front of different audiences.  Each one is different, and for some plays (like Pieces of Whitey) their responses can vary drastically.  I'm guessing CSP won't be quite so volatile, but we'll see.

In addition to the show itself, I'm looking forward to seeing all the folks I had a chance to work with when we workshopped the show this fall, as well as some old friends who are coming to see the play.  We're also putting together a panel on new play development,  after the Saturday matinee with six artistic directors from around the area--I'm hoping to learn a lot from them and have a chance to meet a lot of DC-area playwrights.

Here I go.

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