Thursday, April 8, 2010

fun new half-hour comedy for high school students: The Next Big Thing

My new half-hour comedy for high school students, The Next Big Thing, has just been published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Here's the blurb:
Together with their assistant Kelsey, venture capitalists Beckman and Mortimer search for a device to be the heart of their next business, and the result is a parade of oddball inventors, each certain they've discovered the next big thing.

It's a super fun play, with a flexible cast of 6-15.  Each of the roles can be played by either a boy or a girl, which should give schools a lot of flexibility, and there's a variety of roles, which will accommodate students with different skill/experience levels.  But the most important thing is that it's a script where the kids can really play and have a good time (and so will the audience).

You can read a script preview on the site, which will give you a taste of it.  If you know any high school drama teachers or drama students, please pass the word.  I've had some very nice success with scripts published by Brooklyn, and  I hope to see this play performed a lot in the future.

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