Saturday, June 19, 2010

T Plays--Draft is In (on time!)

I turned the first draft of my T Play, "Escape to Wonderland," in with a whole 25 minutes to spare.  Whew. 

I had a good time riding the Blue Line with WBUR reporter Jessica Alpert for a while this morning--mostly taking notes and getting a sense for the line and trying to think about how my actresses could fit best into something on this line.  She left after an hour or so, and then I wrote for a few more hours, back and forth from Wonderland to Maverick (and sometimes Govt. Center).

In the end, I wrote about 9 handwritten pages (some of it in a burrito place in Maverick Square, rather than on the T, because I was dying from hunger).  Basically, I rode the T from about 10:30 to 4pm (green and blue lines).  Then I hurried home and typed it all up--it comes to about 11 pages.  I think it'll run closer to 12-14 minutes, but we'll see.  I like the characters a lot and think they'll suit the actresses very well.  Our talk at Doyle's last night gave me a lot to think about when trying to write roles for them.

I'd hoped for a comedy, but it just didn't turn out that way (I put my back out this morning, and I might be less inclined towards comedy with a bad back...).  Everyone was pretty well behaved and quiet on the Blue Line today, so they weren't especially inspirational.  (Come on people, let's get rowdy.)

Now I'm off to the read through at Suffolk University.  Can't wait to see what everyone has written.  (It's easy to have a lot of doubts about my stuff, but I have hopes it'll turn out all right.  I'm positive Rick Park will have written something positively hilarious again.)

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