Monday, August 23, 2010

reading of Fire on Earth tonight

In about an hour, I need to head over to the Huntington Theatre (which is not far from my house) to work on Fire on Earth.  We've got a whole afternoon of rehearsal, with a fantastic director (Rachel Walshe, from the Perishable Theatre in Providence) and a stellar cast (Will LeBow, Gabe Kuttner, Grant McDermott, and Ben Evett!).

The reading is at 7pm tonight, and it's been sold out since Thursday.  From the reservation list, it looks like a good mix of theatre pros, friends, and Huntington subscribers.  I think you get a more honest response to the reading of a script with a balanced audience like that.

I'm excited and unusually nervous (it's a big opportunity), but I think the nervousness will disappear once we get to rehearsing.  I've been working hard over the past two weeks, making tweaks to the script.  This is my first chance to hear the whole new version aloud, and I'm grateful to have the chance with such a talented and experienced cast.

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