Thursday, March 31, 2011

Curse the Darkness in Lakeshore

More good news for my short plays:  my newest short comedy, Curse the Darkness, is a winner in the Lakeshore Players 10-Minute Play Contest and Festival.  This is a scene change comedy (a stealth comedy, meant specifically for festivals) that I've been meaning to write for years.   (You can read the whole script here.)  Now it'll get a chance to hit the stage, June 9-12, in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Lakeshore is a fun group, and it seems like they run a good festival.  (They pay royalties, which is an excellent quality in any theatre.)  Last year they produced my short comedy, Schedule-Meisters, and I heard plenty of good reports.  (Schedule-Meisters is now published by Brooklyn Publishers.)

I hope to get a chance to see this play on stage here in Boston someday, and especially hope we can use the actors for whom the characters are named (the Rhombus actors from last season, who had a very fun time reading the play at our meetings).


Alexa said...

Yea! I *love* this play! Congrats!!!

Patrick Gabridge said...

Thanks, Alexa! (Now I just need to get it done closer to home, so we can all go see it.)

Alexa said...

Yes. Keep working on that, please! ;)