Thursday, May 5, 2011

fun audio play (Another Brick in the Wall) and a Twitter experiment

The Huntington Theatre asked a bunch of us Huntington Playwriting Fellows to write short audio plays for this year's Emerging American Festival (which runs next weekend, May 13-15).  Each writer is supposed to write a play for one of three specific places--either Harvard Square, Boston Center for the Arts, or the Institute for Contemporary Art.  I chose the BCA again (I know it best).

Last year we had to record them using our own voices and very low tech recording.  This year, I got to use three actors, the very talented Ed Hoopman, Bob Murphy, and Paul Melendy.  (If you know them, you can imagine how much fun we had working on a comedy in a very small sound studio.)

The result is a short, very fun audio play, Another Brick in the Walk, about three bricks in the BCA plaza.  You can listen to it here.  There are a whole bunch of short audio plays by very talented writers and pals o' mine here.

As a way to extend the fun, I'm going to try a little experiment with these three characters from the play.  We're going to have each of the characters have his own Twitter feed.  Over the next week, leading up to Emerging America, they'll be chatting with each other (starting Friday) from time to time.

In order to make this experiment more fun, I need your help--these three bricks need followers.  So if you are on Twitter, please consider following @BrickBillyEA, @BrickFrancisEA, and @BrickRodEA.  (You can follow me, too:  @PatrickGabridge.)  And let other people know about it, too.  They'll start tweeting tomorrow.

It's just for a laugh, but I think it'll be fun.  (Note:  their dialogue won't make as much sense or be as funny if you don't listen to the audio play first.)


Art said...


I'll be following, but I'll just suggest having a consistent hashtag on all their tweets. It will help people follow the conversation.

Patrick Gabridge said...

Good idea. I'll use #bcabricks