Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Stop on Tornado Siren mini blog tour: Donna Hoke's My Life as a Wordsmith

Today, I make the final stop on my mini blog tour for Tornado Siren, at Donn'a Hoke's blog, My Life as a Wordsmith.  We spend some time talking about the differences between writing plays and writing novels, and how to navigate going back and forth from one form to the other.

Donna is a fellow playwright and member of the Playwright Submission Binge, where today we're all finishing the final day of a 30-day-long binge of script submissions.

Thanks to Donna for having me as her guest today (and to Lori and Diana for the previous stops on the tour).  I hope you'll come check out the final stop.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stop #2 on Tornado Siren Blog tour: On writing, living and loving

This is the second day of my mini blog tour for Tornado Siren.  Today, I'm over on Lori Foster's blog, "On Writing, Living, and Loving," talking about my decision to publish Tornado Siren as an ebook, and the in and outs of putting out an ebook. 

Lori's an old high school friend from our Saranac Lake days.  I don't think either of us would have guessed way back then that we'd end being writers.  Certainly I was headed straight for a career as a computer scientist.  Be sure to check out some of the other posts on her blog, about writing and motherhood and life, she's a lovely writer.

And thanks again for coming along for the tour.  I hope you'll check it out.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Tornado Siren Mini Blog Tour Begins

Today's the start of my mini (three stop) blog tour for Tornado Siren.  Diana Renn has me as a guest over on her blog today, where we talk about multi-tasking around a zillion different projects.  She's a good friend and a terrific writer.  Her YA mystery, Tokyo Heist, will be coming out from Penguin in June.

So come on over, and check out the start of the tour.  (Please.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mini Blog Tour for Tornado Siren

Many authors, especially those of ebooks, now engage in blog tours to promote their books.  My inspiration/role model is my friend, Gene Doucette, who did a 30-day blog tour for his book, Immortal, earlier this year.

I had great plans for nice long blog tour this fall, but a string of readings, productions, and even a film shoot, that have caused me to trim my ambitions a bit.  (I know, I know, poor me.)

So I'm going to have a pleasant mini blog tour next week, where I'll be a guest blogger on three sites run by some of my friends, who all happen to be lovely writers.  I'll be talking about a little bit about Tornado Siren, and a lot about balancing a zillion different writing projects, switching back and forth between prose and plays, and the pluses and minuses of self-publishing an ebook. 

Here's the schedule:

Wednesday, September 28:  Diana Renn's blog (which features a great post on group blogging today)  (check out her spiffy new web site)

Thursday, September 29:  Lori Foster's On writing, living and loving.  She writes so beautifully about motherhood, but she writes about the author's life, too.

Friday, September 30:  Donna Hoke's My life as a wordsmith.  I love that she writes plays, books, and crossword puzzles.

Thanks to Diana, Lori, and Donna for hosting me.  To everyone else, I hope you'll check out the posts!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Rhombus Readings are this weekend!

Don't miss The Rhombus Readings this weekend.  We've got an exciting line up of new plays that we've been working on for the past year or two.  I'm delighted to get to hear my new play, Flight, read on Saturday night.  I've got a terrific director (M. Bevin O'Gara) and cast.  I've been making big changes since I brought the play to the Seven Devils Conference in Idaho.  (Even though my stay was cut short, due to family tragedy, I've stayed in touch with my director and dramaturg and the id theatre folks.)  And I've been working on the script in my Huntington Playwriting Fellows group, as well as in Rhombus.

Now I need to hear it in front of an audience again.  That's where you come in.  (And by audience, let's be honest, 5 people isn't much of an audience.  Now, 20 people, in a small theatre, that's an audience.  So bring a friend or two.) 

It's free.  It's fun.  And there will be good snacks.  (I'll bake brownies.)

All the readings will take place at Boston Playwrights' Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

The Fakus by Joe Byers
Friday, Sept. 16
8 pm
A sinuous tale of three canny people and one large sum of money on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. All of them are deadly earnest. Trust is for sale to the highest bidder. Every heart has its price tag. Featuring Nancy E. Carroll, Paul Melendy, and Craig Mathers.

Flight by Patrick Gabridge
Saturday, Sept. 17
8 pm
Sarah spends her days in the airport, finding comfort in its organized chaos, forced anonymity, and careful security. Little does she know that beneath its clean and shining fa├žade, the airport - like the world outside it - is littered with lives torn apart by loss. Caught in the crossfire of the airport's lost souls, Sarah discovers there is no such thing as an innocent escape. Directed by M. Bevin O'Gara, featuring Elise Manning, Luis Negron, and Brenny Rabine.

The Embryos by Ginger Lazarus
Sunday, Sept. 18
4 pm
Mommy and Daddy love their embryos. Love them so much that when in vitro fails, they decide to take their precious blastocysts home and care for them like children. All might be well, except that "Leggo and Eggo" have voracious appetites and uncanny abilities beyond their developmental stage. When they run amok, the poor would-be parents are faced with a choice: save their embryos from the world, or save the world from their embryos. Directed by Barlow Adamson, featuring Robert Murphy and Lisa Tucker.
(There's a fun interview with the embryos from The Embros on the Playwrights Perspective blog.)