Friday, June 15, 2012

Off to write my T Play

Last night we had our match-up meeting for the T Plays festival produced by Mill 6 Productions.  I met my actors, Dakota Shepard and Brett Malinowski, director Chris Anton, and got assigned the Orange Line.  So now I have until 5pm on Saturday to come up with a new short play inspired by and set on and written on Boston's subway system.  I'm heading out right now to ride the rails and see what sort of inspiration will strike.

I have a busy day tomorrow, so basically I have the next five hours to come up with something, or else I'm in trouble.

No pressure.

One thing I really like about this festival is getting to write for specific actors.  I always come to these meeting with lots of questions and a camera, to try to get a sense of what they're like and what they can do, in a very short time.  I just hope I can come up with something good.

Here are my actors:

Everyone involved with the production will meet Saturday night and have a read-through of what the writers have scripted.  By Wednesday night, the shows will be up and on their feet for a pay-what-you-can preview at Boston Playwrights Theatre.  Opening night is Thursday, June 21. 

Here's a little preview video for the festival:

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