Thursday, November 29, 2012

Win a Free Copy of "Collected Obsessions"

I have a special fondness for people who go through life battling or embracing their obsessions.  (I might be one of them myself...)   Earlier this year, Heuer and Brooklyn published an anthology, Collected Obsessions, of eight of my short plays, each of which focus on lovable lunatics whose fixations include numbers, the rapture, a co-worker, lovers, spiders, silence, an extinct bird, and the act of writing.  Whether their paths end in laughter or tears, the characters in these plays pursue their desires with singular focus and intensity.

This is a particularly good collection for advanced high school and college groups--it has a flexible cast size (4-20), with a bunch of challenging, fun roles. 

I'd love to get more students to take a look at these plays, so I'm giving away copies of the script to the first and second students who leave comments on this post and who e-mail me their contact info.  Be sure to tell us the name of your school and drama group and the title of either a recent or upcoming production.

The titles of the plays are:  Insomnia, Crowded Heart, The Sky is Falling, Quiet, Den of Iniquity, The Invisible Husband, Confirmed Sighting, and Measuring Matthew.  All have been produced professionally in Boston and/or New York, and there's even been a film made of Measuring Matthew (currently making the festival rounds).  The scripts get used individually by hundreds of students every year in competition and performance, but now there's a chance for all of them to be on the stage together, at once.  And that would be really cool.  If you're at a school that's done a production of Collected Obsessions, I hope you'll contact me and let me know.


Caroline said...

I would love a copy! I'm a student at Boston University's School of Theatre, getting a BFA in Theatre Arts.

Patrick Gabridge said...

Thanks, Caroline! I know many of the professors in your program. You've got some great folks over there.

Bryan said...

I'd also love a copy. I'm a PhD student in drama at UCSD. One recent play the school put on was In the Red and Brown Water.

Patrick Gabridge said...

Glad to have posts from both coasts. I'll get you both scripts right away. Bryan--Company One in Boston recently put on an amazing production of In the Red and Brown Water. It's one best things I've seen in the past year.