Sunday, December 1, 2013

The One Minute Play Festival returns to Boston

The One Minute Play Festival will be returning to Boston, January 4-6, at Boston Playwrights Theatre (949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston), for its third year.  I will have two of these micro plays in this year's festival--House Rules, directed by Jeff Mosser (who just did a fabulous job directing my full-length historical play with music, None but the Best, for In Good Company), and Diamonds Are Forever, directed by Vicki Shairer (who co-directed the very fun Project Project piece, How May I Connect You?).

The One Minute Play Festival is a super fun blur of plays--more than 100 in one night--that gives a quick barometric reading of the creative mental state of Boston's theatre scene.  It's the kind of evening that requires that you gulp it down now and then reflect back later on the moments and sparks that made you laugh or that hit you hardest or surprised you.

Writing for this festival requires me to write quickly and openly. For me, the trick to writing a good one minute play is getting the hell out of the way. I'll set aside a few hours and write at least four of them, as fast as I can.  There's no point in dithering about them, though there's plenty of work to be done in honing them once they're down on paper.

Tickets are $20 and are available at

Here's the list of playwrights into whose minds you will get a brief flash:

Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Jack Neary, Elisabeth Burdick, Steven Bogart, Bill Doncaster, Stephen Faria, Peter Floyd, Patrick Gabridge, Deirdre Girard, Rosanna Alfaro, Kirsten Greenidge (fellow Rhombus member), Israel Horovitz, Colleen Hughes, Dan Hunter, Emily Kaye Lazzaro, Christopher Lockheardt, K. Alexa Mavromatis (fellow Rhombus member), Walt McGough (fellow Rhombus member), James McLindon, Rick Park, John Shea, Matt Mayerchak, Donna Sorbello, Mwalim *7 (Prof MJ Peters), Heather Houston, Thom Dunn, Michael Bradford, Eleanor Burgess, David Valdes Greenwood, Tyler Monroe, Nina Louise Morrison, Lindsay Soson, Noah Tobin, Lila Rose Kaplan, Ginger Lazarus (fellow Rhombus member), Joyce Van Dyke, Obehi Janice, Clifford Odle, Cliff Blake, Robbi D'Allessandro, Mary Conroy, Shari D. Frost, Steve Barkhimer, Karmo Sanders, Payne Ratner, Terrence Kidd, Cassie M Seinuk, Ceelia Raker, James Ferguson, Jess Foster, John Greiner-Ferris, Fiona Kyle, Laura Neubauer, Max Mondi, Mike Meadors, & MJ Halberstadt.

I hope to see you there!

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