Thursday, January 19, 2017

Blood on the Snow will return to the Old State House

The announcement was made official today:  Blood on the Snow will return to the Old State House in Boston, for the WHOLE SUMMER.  Yep, that's right, a 12-week run, opening June 1st. We sold out the entire run last year and the audience response was tremendous to this immersive show set on the day after the Boston Massacre. In the room where it happened. (an important meeting that might have determined the fate of America, not the massacre) Most of the original cast (who are amazing) are returning for the run. The folks at the Old State House/Bostonian society are amazing to work with. Should be a great summer.  Here's a very cool trailer they came up with for the show.  Tickets aren't on sale yet, but if you're interested, get on the mailing list to find out when (I think it's going to sell very quickly again).

The success of this show has been very interesting, in a town where performing space is at a premium.  As is funding.  This show was able to use a resource where Boston is incredibly rich (historical sites) and partner with an unusual partner for theater (National Park Service), so play a show for audience that were not necessarily the typical theatre audience.  (I'll write more about all this soon.)  The model for what we're doing can continue to expand across Boston and in other cities.

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