Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

We've had out-of-town guests for nearly a week, which is always a good excuse avoid getting some writing done. On Monday, I didn't write anything, even though I probably could have found a little time. I've got a nice little routine of working on my new novel while the kids are gone at school in the morning, but I'm used to doing it alone in the house, and I feel oddly exposed when there is someone else here (even though I can write just fine in the library or a crowded coffee shop).

Yesterday and today, I finally got over it and spent some time making the revisions that I need. I plugged my headphones into the computer, and listened to the same damn twenty-song set that I've been listening to for months while working on this book. I didn't even plan to get any writing done; I'd written the day off entirely. But this music has become such a part of my writing routine, that listening to it right there at the computer put me right in the mood to get to work.

I figured I'd put in 30 minutes, but I wrote for more than an hour, and got a whole new scene, plus more revisions. That's the good thing about building a writing habit or routine, I guess. It takes effort to create it, but once it's in place, it can help save you from yourself.

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