Friday, April 20, 2007

Things I've Done for Money (copying Malachy Walsh)

Malachy Walsh did this on his blog, and it's the kind of list that I love to make. So here goes:

(in no particular order) (also like Malachy's list. I'm a complete copycat.)

Jobs I've Had/Stuff I've done for money:

1-hour photo shop clerk (in a mall in Staten Island. I lasted one week.)

Pet sitter. (mostly for dogs, but I also watched my neighbor’s livestock. Feeding a frisky bull made me find out how fast I can run. Pretty fast.)

Lawn mower


Computer programmer

Janitor (part-time, really it was freelance cleaning, but I like the sound of janitor better).

Turnkey (the guy who has the key and gets paid to open up a place while contractors do work there)


Stage hand (without this job, I wouldn't be a playwright today)

TV news cameraman (internship)


Snack bar worker

Cafeteria server

Brick washer/sealer (one of the most fun summers ever)

Filmmaker (For my first gig, I got paid to make a short film on Super 8 for some international students conference while I was in college.)



Editor (for a play publisher, not for a film)

Theatre producer


Producer/director for radio dramas

Subject in medical experiments (only little ones. But I did have to give blood for one of them.)

Publisher (of Market Insight for Playwrights, which actually meant doing lots of other jobs in marketing, layout, research, etc.)

Circulation manager for medical journal

Computer network administrator/consultant

Office temp—helped design some of the early catalogs for Dell Computer, worked in law office and other places.

Word processor

Office assistant

Researcher for headhunter company (lots of lying involved)

Community garden coordinator (I didn’t really get paid for this, but it was a job. Rewarding, but lots of work.)

Playwriting instructor

Night watchman

Front desk worker at dormitory

Marketing consultant

Real estate developer (sort of)


Ski Instructor


Malachy Walsh said...

I'm pretty sure Adam Szymkowizc did this first - a long, long time ago, but thanks for the credit anyway.

And as someone on my blog commented on your list - "medical experiments?"

I think Robert Rodriguez did that, too - so you'd be in good company.

sm said...

I like the idea....especially brick washer!

patrick said...

There are so many medical researchers in Boston, it's easy to pick up some quick cash. I haven't tried one of the big money ones yet.

Oh, and I forgot one on my list. Mime. (really)