Monday, May 21, 2007

Action Jesus

It's always nice when one of your friends puts up a show and you really like it. Leslie Dillen's one-woman show, Action Jesus, playing one more weekend at Boston Playwrights Theatre (and coming to NYC this summer) was great fun this past Friday. When her husband goes off on his own to write his memoirs, Leslie gets a chance to spend a month on her own in a Manhattan apartment, and she (accompanied by her Jesus action figure) uses the time as a sort of spiritual journey, looking both to her past and future. I've seen several of Leslie's one-woman shows, and she's always a terrific performer. This is her best work so far. The direction, sound, and lighting are all crisp and serve the play and performer well.

My main disappointment was that the audience was so small on the night I saw it. This is a play and performance with great appeal, but especially to women of a certain age, who make up a large percentage of the theatre-going crowd. I just hope they can get to a production of the show before it's too late.

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