Saturday, May 26, 2007

May Day Play Day: off to tech

5pm, Saturday. Had a good day of rehearsals today. Met director at 9am, actors at 9:30, worked straight through until 1:30pm. By that time we had the whole thing blocked and had a chance to run it a few times in the space. After being up for almost 36 hours in a row, definitely wished that I was a more brilliant writer. The script is okay, but I was trying to do a lot and didn't succeed at it all. We'll see how it looks at 6pm at the tech. This afternoon the actors were already starting to get off book as well as handle the blocking. What a lot to do in such a short period of time.

I'm just up from a 2 1/2 hour nap and am pretty out of it. Hopefully can snap back to wakefulness by the time I get to the theatre.

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