Friday, June 22, 2007

8 Random Facts about me meme (I'm slow)

I was tagged by Laura for this meme on May 31, and I'm just really, really slow.

Here are the rules of the house: Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves. In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers and notify them that they have been tagged.

Here's what I can think of:.

  1. I have moved 18 times in my life. (10 as an adult)
  2. I've won prizes in competitions for building with legos (as a kid) and for juggling (as an adult).
  3. I was on the MIT Rugby team, for all of one game. (Problems: I was too busy writing my thesis (a screenplay), I didn't like beer, and I weighed about 145 pounds.)
  4. On paper, I'm a Master Urban Gardener. Which means I took an eight-week class and I used to help run a community garden in Boston. But I'm not really an expert. I don't have a garden now, and I really miss it.
  5. I was once used by Mario Cuomo to make a political point. He was visiting my dad's small biotech company, and his advance men told him that I was attending MIT, so in front of the reporters he asked about my plans, and stated "this is why we need to improve our state's colleges, so young Mr. Gabridge doesn't feel like he has to go out of state." Or something like that. He was a really impressive guy in person--super smart.
  6. I've never been skinny dipping.
  7. I once played Rip Van Winkle in a local TV commercial for a mattress company.
  8. I have a habit of acquiring musical instruments that I can't play. I currently possess a guitar, a harmonica, a trumpet, a violin, and a recorder. (I can play the guitar and recorder a little.) I used to own a clarinet (jr. high orchestra), too. I'd really like a banjo, with the hopes that I would somehow be inspired to learn it, or that I would magically just pick it up one day and be able to play. (My wife is skeptical of this plan.)

It's hard to come up with 8 bloggers who haven't already been tagged by this . I'll tag: Dan, Dave, Mirror Up to Nature, Meron, Ghost Light, Playgoer, Matthew and Johnna.

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Meron said...

Ah, but Noah Smith already tagged me.