Friday, June 8, 2007

Good news from Smith & Kraus

This morning I got an e-mail saying that Smith & Kraus wants to publish two of my plays, Pumpkin Patch (which was just done in NYC) and Stop Rain, in Best Ten-Minute Plays 2007, Two Actors.

I'm delighted that both plays were selected and will now have a chance to reach a broader audience. I'd had a couple tough rejections lately--usually rejections don't phase me at all, but these were for things I REALLY wanted--so these acceptances come at the perfect time. I've had items in S&K anthologies before, but it's been quite a while.


Malachy Walsh said...

congrats, sir.

and i hear you on the rejections - i've a few lately myself that have had me wondering, Ahat AM I doing?

patrick said...

Thanks, Malachy.

Yeah, it's funny how certain rejections can put a dent in your psyche. I normally sort of like getting rejections, in an odd sort of way, because it means that I've been doing my job and getting work out there. But some of those submissions, especially if I hear that I'm a finalist (or if the money is big), I start doing a little fantasizing (I was that was with the Massachusetts Cultural Council Grants). Those are the ones that knock me off balance.

Erik Sherman said...

Congrats on the publication, and as for the rejection, it just shows that you're out there and trying. For writers, it's like death and taxes - no one escapes.

patrick said...

Thanks, Erik.

I like that: death, taxes, and rejection. As you point out, I know that if I'm not getting rejections, then I haven't been doing my job (in terms of marketing). A steady stream of rejections proves that I've been working hard.

Adam said...


Johnna Adams said...

Congrats, Patrick!