Thursday, June 14, 2007

tick tock, tick tock

I can feel summer vacation breathing down my neck. The kids only have three and a half more days of school, so writing time is about to get pretty scarce until August, when they have day camp. I'm actually pretty disciplined about finding the time to write, especially if I'm deep into a project (and I am now, smack in the middle of a major rewrite of my new novel). Usually that means getting up at 5am and writing for 90 minutes, not much time for screwing around. I might try also getting in one night per week, at the library or something. It's finding time for the other stuff, the marketing and networking, that gets tough during school vacation.

Even if I don't get much work done, hopefully we'll have fun (if I can keep the two of them from driving each other crazy, and me along with them. Ah, the joys of sibling rivalry. Such sympathy I have for my parents these days. )

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