Friday, November 9, 2007

SlamBoston on Tuesday

Pumpkin Patch will be part of SlamBoston on Tuesday, 8pm, at the BCA (Boston Center for the Arts) at 8pm. I'm pretty excited--Kortney Adams is directing a cast that I really like. Should be fun. You can buy tickets online at the BCA site. ($17) Should be a fun evening. Fellow Boston theatre blogger, Art Hennessey is directing one of the shows. It's a one-night only show, so I hope it turns out well. It's a competition of some sort--I can't remember exactly how the judging works. I figure we've got a small chance, because we're a drama. Comedies tend to get a big reaction in short fests like these, so it's hard to compete with them.

The pumpkins are always an issue with this play, but I found some really good looking ones. We'll just have to see how they perform on stage.

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