Thursday, January 10, 2008

just for fun

We got a Wii for Christmas from my in-laws, and it's been one of the best gifts ever. Seems like everyone has a favorite game. I'm sad to report that I'm not the champ at Guitar Hero--that would go to Tracy and our daughter, Kira. And Noah is almost impossible to beat at baseball and a tough competitor at bowling. It's a really brilliant design--one that really encourages people to interact with each other (in three dimensions) while playing. We just got Dance Dance Revolution--I'm curious to see how that works out.

However, it turns out there's lots of other things you can do with wii-motes (remotes for wiis). Check out this cool video:

P.S. I did get some actual writing done today. A bit of rewriting on my newest ten-minute play, and some good thinking about the next rewrite of the novel. My goal is to start putting in two hours a day, five days of week, of actual writing time. This might be tough when the freelance work is coming in well, but I really need to get back in the habit. Writing comes from discipline, and discipline comes from practice. I got my two hours in this morning.

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