Thursday, January 3, 2008

Recipe for Really Getting Pissed Off

Listen to Terri Gross' interview with David Cay Johnston on today's episode of Fresh Aire about his book, Free Lunch, or just go buy a copy and read it. It's chock full of examples of how despite current administration's claims to be in favor of free markets and equal opportunities, they're really more interested in using government to make the rich richer and not at all interested in free markets. If your outrage level is feeling a little low these days, given all the holiday cheer and all that, this might be a good way to start 2008. (There's a great bit about how President Bush made most of his fortune by lobbying for a sales tax increase to pay for a new stadium for the Texas Rangers. No new taxes, unless they help fatten one's wallet, apparently.)


Art said...

A friend captured the whole essence of this administration this way:

It's as if all the Mr. Potters in all the Bedford Falls across the country realized, 'Hey let's put up somebody that looks and talks like George Bailey as our front man and then we can do whatever we want."

patrick said...

I almost wonder if a variation of this was behind the idea for a Fred Thompson candidacy. I mean, really, what is the point of this guy?