Monday, February 18, 2008

Grab Bag Update

here's the short update on all the recent goings on:

  1. The worms are doing pretty well. We still don't have very many of them yet, since they take while to multiply, but they are eating (slowly) what we put in the container. We just bought 2 more bins and plan to buy a lot more worms to start them off this time, 500-1,000 worms per bin. We figured out that we generate as much as 12 pounds of plant waste a week. Plus we were looking at seed catalogs for our 12'x27' garden today--we're going to need lots of compost.
  2. Plays on Tap went very well. The show on opening night was sold out, and the actors did a great job. My pieces, Lies, Lies, Lies, is really a good one to start the evening--we got a ton of laughs, which surprised the actors a little. (Michael Pfaff and Becca A. Lewis have great chemistry.) I heard Saturday was sold out, too. (So if you go, make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time.) (Seriously.)
  3. I've finished (for now) two of my four freelance gigs, which feels pretty good. One of them required a fair bit of work these past two weekends, so I'm looking forward to hanging out and relaxing with the kids this week during their winter break. One of the jobs was on two different photography web sites--check 'em out: and (I'm still tweaking them, but the images are great (and you can order them)).
  4. I get the pin out of my finger in just over two weeks. I think I've adapted pretty well to typing without a pinkie on that hand so far.
  5. I am still making some writing progress on the new novel, but I've fallen off the Writing Purge challenge these past few days. I've just been spending my writing time/energy on paid work. But I see a good opening coming up in my schedule in a few weeks, with only 1 or 2 freelance gigs at a time, and not ones that require every minute.

That's all the news fit to blog. (More on the books I've been reading soon.)

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