Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lies, Lies, Lies opens tomorrow

My short romantic comedy, Lies, Lies, Lies, opens tomorrow at the Boston Center for the Arts, produced by CentaStage, directed by Joe Antoun. It's part of Plays on Tap, a group of 8 short plays (by Boston writers), all of which take place in a bar or restaurant. It'll run from February 15 - March 1, and you can buy tickets ($25) here.

I got to see a rehearsal about two weeks ago, and I was delighted. Lies, Lies, Lies has been used by more students in drama and forensics competitions than any other of my plays (it's sold more than 1,300 copies since 2002), but I've never actually seen it on stage. Over time, I'd sort of written it off in my mind as a light, fluffy piece. But when I got to hear the actors in rehearsal, I also was reminded, pleasantly, that it has some very fun complexity to it (it's about two people who meet and agree to only tell each other lies). It offers a very interesting look at the ways people communicate and connect, which is perfect for a short little stage play. Now I realize that the high school kids didn't just like it because it was easy (it's actually not) and funny (it is), but because it's interesting and worthwhile. A very good reminder not to underestimate your audience.

Here's hoping we get good crowds.


Art said...

I saw the poster in the lobby at Calderwood.

I'll make sure I get to see it!

Break a leg to the cast and director.

patrick said...

Thanks, Art. I'm really looking forward to what everyone has come up with.