Monday, September 15, 2008

Avast, Aargh, and Keel Hauling

I know that many of us are in something of a tizzy these days, what with the prospect of the world's largest superpower potentially being helmed by a man (advanced in age, and with a history of health problems) whose sudden demise might cause a woman with a penchant for wisecracks, assault rifles, the rapture, and personal political payback to be thrust into the presidency. That the American voters might go from electing someone they can have a beer with to electing someone they could picture being part of the hockey carpool isn't especially comforting, and may be causing some of us to look at Canadian real estate web sites.

But when the times get tough, the tough have to sometimes let off a little steam. Thus, perhaps some of us hand-wringers currently experiencing night sweats should consider taking part in International Talk Like a Pirate Day this Friday, September 19th. Nothing helps release tension like a good Aaargh! or an Avast Me Hearties!

My son Noah is a big fan of pirates, so I'm certain we'll be on board. Let it all out, friends. Before it's too late.

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Dan S said...

If things go badly in the election, we'll need to start instituting cuss like a sailor days.