Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Off to New York: The Sky is Falling

Tomorrow, bright and early (not actually bright, since the sun won't be up yet--6:30am) I'll board a bus for NYC. I have freelance work meeting all afternoon, and then I'm off to see the 7pm show of The Sky is Falling, which is part of EATFest at the Roy Arias Theatre Center, Off-Broadway Theatre, 300 West 43rd St, 5th floor, November 4-16. EAT puts on a really terrific festival (I had a play in it last year, too)--The Sky is Falling is in Series A, running Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 pm, Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 4:30 pm.

The Sky is Falling is a funny and poignant play about two sisters who finally reunite, just as one of them is about to go off into space for the Rapture (or so she claims). It's really a fun show and I'm excited to see it. I go with especially high hopes because I've had such good interactions with my director.

For some people, a five-hour bus ride doesn't sound that appealing, but for me, it's good concentrated reading and writing time. Normally I don't bring my laptop, but I have a freelance assignment I can work on a little bit, while still having some good reading and napping time left over. The napping might be especially important since I plan on watching election returns until pretty late tonight.

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