Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tundra Games on KUSF tonight at 9:30pm (Pacific)

Shoestring Radio Theatre's production of my radio play, Tundra Games, will be on KUSF in San Francisco tonight at 9:30pm (Pacific time). You can listen online at Should be another fun (they broadcast my radio play Love & Lightning last week). Let me know if you listen.

Here's synopsis of the show (it runs about 27 minutes):

Hickey is a professional killer cooped up in the middle of an arctic blizzard with his next target, Simon. But the bullets are at home, and they're out of food. Hickey's partner, Rose, shows up just in time, with ammunition and provisions, but Hickey has lost his nerve. Rose takes Simon out to finish the job. She returns and explains that rather than shooting Simon, she pushed him off the back of her snowmobile and left him to freeze. There's just one problem-they have no proof to show their employers that they actually did the job. Rose thinks up a drastic solution, but it's gonna hurt.


Ryan said...

Is there a recording of the radio play productions somewhere to purchase or download? I'd love to hear them!

Patrick Gabridge said...

Unfortunately, they're not currently available. I have a a few old versions that I need to digitize and get online, but have never done so. I wish the Shoestring productions were available online, but not yet.