Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Output

Since I tallied the input for 2009, I thought I might as well give the output.  This was a particularly good writing year for me.  I wrote:

  • A final version of edits and proofing on my new novel, Moving (A Life in Boxes)
  • A rewrite of my new full-length plays, Constant State of Panic (which opens in less than 2 weeks in DC)
  • A new half-hour comedy one-act (for students), Reassembling Sasha, now published by YouthPlays.
  • Another half-hour comedy for students, The Next Big Thing.  (Scheduled for publication early in 2010)
  • A new ten-minute play, Schedule-Meister (still unproduced)
  • A complete middle-grade novel, Buried Treasure.
  • plus a bunch of freelance business writing (that helped pay some bills).

Production-wise, 2009 wasn't bad.  The year saw a bunch of productions by schools, through the various publishers that handle my work.  Theatres doing my work included:

  • Confirmed Sighting by University of Maryland, Baltimore College.  (The script won their competition.)
  • Stop Rain in Boston, by the Actors Refuge Repertory Company
  • Recognition in the Boston Theatre Marathon, by the Wellesley Summer Theatre
  • Lies, Lies, Lies and Counting Rita in Los Angeles, from Theatre Unleashed
  • My radio plays Love and Lightning and Tundra Games were rebroadcast by Shoestring Radio Theatre in CA.

Den of Iniquity and Counting Rita were both published in Best of anthologies from Smith & Kraus. 

Overall, I'd say that a minimum of 4,000 people heard, read,  or saw my work performed this year (and probably a lot more if you count all the productions at high schools and competitions), which is okay.

I'm guessing that 2010 is going be a lot better--I already have four productions scheduled (3 in January alone).

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