Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big News: I'm a Huntington Playwriting Fellow

The news is now official:  I'm one of three writers chosen this year to be Huntington Playwriting Fellows with Boston's Huntington Theatre Company.  I'm paired with Ryan Landry and Martha Jane Kaufman.  Over the next two years, the group of us will meet regularly with the Huntington literary staff, Lisa Timmel (Director of New Plays) and Charles Hoagland (Literary Associate), in a small writing group, as well as sometimes with past Fellows (some of whom are already good friends of mine).

I'm thrilled. (I've known the news for a few weeks and it's been killing me not to be able to shout it out.)    Lisa and Charles both have a wealth of dramaturgical knowledge and experience, and my fellow writers are fun and interesting, and they're writing some exciting scripts--there's a lot I can learn from them.

Plus the residency comes with a bit of money (very helpful) and I get to attend opening night of a bunch of Huntington shows (very cool).  They don't have any formal commitment to producing any of my plays, nor do they have any attachment on anything I write, but it did feel pretty cool to at least sign a small letter of agreement with a theater as well-respected (and huge) as the Huntington.  (And they have produced/are producing a bunch of plays by past Fellows, including their upcoming production Stick Fly by Lydia Diamond.)

The announcement appeared today in the Boston Globe and on the Broadway World web site and will probably pop up in a few more places.

Now I just need to sit myself down and write my ass off, so I can make the most of the opportunity.


Crystal said...

Hearty congratulations!

Dan S said...

Great news Pat -- you deserve it!!

EM Lewis said...

Patrick!! I'm so happy for you. Way to go!


PS: I saw Stick Fly in Los Angeles this past year, and thought it was outstanding!

Patrick Gabridge said...

Thanks, everyone. (And glad to hear good word of Stick Fly.)

Ryan said...

Congratulations! Well deserved!