Friday, April 30, 2010

Off to Muse & Marketplace

 Tomorrow, I'm off to Grub Street's Muse & the Marketplace writer's conference.  It'll be two days of workshops, panels, networking, and a whole bunch of people trying to put their best feet forward.  (Hopefully not too forcefully.)  I start off with a one-on-one session with an agent from NYC to talk about the first few pages of my middle-grade novel (fingers crossed, hoping that she liked it).  After that, the pressure will be off (sort of), and I can just focus on learning as much as I can and meeting new people.

Last year I had a great time, and I love that I can just hop on the T and get to a conference with 500 other writers.  Lately, my head's been pretty deep into theatre (though I did just go on a research trip for my newest novel), so this will be a good jolt back to fiction for a few days. 

(Though I'll be right back into theatre-mode for my reading next Thursday.)  (You're going, right?)

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