Thursday, May 6, 2010

Constant State of Panic reading tonight at Boston Playwrights Theatre

I know I've been plugging away at this via e-mail and Facebook, and all that.  But here's one more reminder, just in case:

Constant State of Panic will be read at Boston Playwrights Theatre, tonight, Thursday, May 6, at 7pm
BPT is at 949 Commonwealth Avenue.  Bevin O'Gara will direct.  Kris Sidberry, Maureen Keiller, Tom O'Keefe, and Ed Hoopman will make the up cast.   The play is both fun and intense, a dark and sometimes comic love story that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, as we journey through a Bush-era Wonderland.    It's about paranoia, murder, conspiracies, loss, and a world where bad, lovely, and weird things happen.

Admission is free, but you can reserve a seaton their web site (I recommend this). 

So today will be a fun and very busy day for me (we rehearse all afternoon and then have the reading at 7.  I'm pretty psyched--this a play that's enormously fun to work on, and we've got a great cast and director.  With any luck, we'll have a mostly full house, too, which always makes a reading a lot more fun for everyone, and useful for me.


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