Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Okay, so I can't write all the time.

Let's say I haven't even been close lately to writing all the time.  I've been going to a lot of meetings and enjoying visits from friends and family and doing some serious gardening.  And sometimes, I juggle, and not just figuratively.  My friend, and fellow novelist, Mike and I regularly practice our juggling at the playground after the kids get out from school.  About two weeks ago, we tried to put together a Juggle and Jam Day, inviting people to bring juggling gear and also their musical instruments, for an outdoor jam session.  Turnout was light but enthusiastic.  I hope next time to get even more musicians, but we were fortunate to have Suzie accompanying us on accordion, and Sy brought his unicycle (I actually got some of the old mojo back and rode for almost 50 yards.  And put a few knots in my shins.)

Here's a few images from the day:

Me with the nice new devil sticks I got for my birthday.

Mike with his spiffy clubs.

Have to admit I have never tried unicycling while pushing a baby stroller.

Isobel (from Noah's 4th grade class) is one our best diabolo students.

With Suzie playing the accordion, it felt sort of like we were in a hip French movie (she can play the soundtrack from Amelie).

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