Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Output

At the end of every year, I add up my inputs/outputs.  I've still got a few more days for inputs (I'm hoping to see some movies this week and finish some books), but I won't get any more writing done until Christmas vacation is over.  So here's how 2010 worked out, output-wise:

  • Did an edit/rewrite of my novel, Moving (A Life in Boxes), cutting about 6,300 words
  • Did a rewrite of my middle-grade novel, Buried Treasure.
  • did some freelance business writing (which helped pay some bills).
  • rewrote some of my play Constant State of Panic, after the production in DC in January
  • Completely rewrote my full-length play about the creation of English Bible, now titled Fire on Earth.  This was a total gut rehab (even changed the title and main characters)
  • Wrote 8 very short audio plays for the Emerging America Festival (one of which was recorded--I Am Not Invisible.)
  • Wrote Escape to Wonderland, a new ten-minute drama, for the T Plays produced by Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative.
  • Wrote a one-act play, The Light Collectors, for the Youth Astronomer Apprenticeship program with MIT and the Central Square Theatre.  This was my first commissioned play.
  • Started a first draft of a new historical novel (I have about 100 pages so far)
  • Wrote a new ten-minute comedy, Curse the Darkness.
  • Wrote a new full-length drama, Flight, based on two of my ten-minute plays.  I'm having a reading of this from Madcap Players in DC in January.
  • A bunch of blog posts on my three different blogs.
This feels like a pretty good list, a nice mix of playwriting and novel writing, as well as first draft writing and rewriting.  If I get this much written again next year, I'll be extremely satisfied.

Production-wise, 2010 wasn't bad.  The year saw dozens of productions by schools, through the various publishers that handle my work.  Productions/readings of my work included:

The Next Big Thing, Confirmed Sighting, Recognition, Schedule-Meisters, and Stick Up for Mars were published by Brooklyn Publishers.  Counting Rita was published in a Best Ten-Minutes Plays anthology by Smith & Kraus.  My one-act, Reassembling Sasha, was published by YouthPlays.

Oh, and I finally found an agent for my novels (and other books to come), which made 2010 a pretty darn good year.  (Now I need 2011 to bring a book deal.)

Overall, a minimum of 7,500 people heard, read, or saw my work performed this year, and I had more than 122 performances of my plays, which is not bad at all.

It's hard to say what 2011 will be like.  I have a production of Escape to Wonderland scheduled for January, but after that the calendar looks pretty empty.  Lots of room for good things to happen.


Claudia said...

You know what's wonderful about stats? You're thinking - maybe the year wasn't so great - and then you look and count the possible people that have seen your work, the myriad of productions and all of a sudden you're focusing on the positive and not the last rejection. And yes, you had a very good year.

Patrick Gabridge said...

Thanks, Claudia, and thanks for being part of that very good year! It was great to have someone I know direct my first show in MN.

Diana Renn said...

Congratulations on a productive year! I'm impressed and inspired! I think keeping track of successes like this counterbalances all the waiting and wondering in this business, and probably attracts more successes.