Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Huntington to produce two new plays by local writers

Yep, that's right, next season, the Huntington will produce new plays by two Boston writers--Kirsten Greenidge (The Luck of the Irish) and Rosanna Alfaro (Before I Leave You).  Kirsten is in Rhombus with me, and Rosanna and I are both currently Huntington Playwriting Fellows, so it's especially cool to have the Huntington producing works by friends of mine, and scripts that are just so darn good.

So, yes, I've been reporting/observing/whining a lot lately that there aren't many local writers getting professional productions of the plays by Boston area theatres, but the Huntington certainly is doing its part next season (kudos to Lisa Timmel, Director of New Plays for the Huntington).

Let's see if any other theatres can follow suit.

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