Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boston One-Minute Play Festival, January 7-9

This weekend, I'll have two plays in the Boston One-Minute Play Festival, produced by Dominic D'Andrea at the Boston Playwrights Theatre (949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston).  Yep, that's right, one-minute plays.  Little blurbs of storytelling, sparks of ideas.  There will be 70 such sparks written by 35 different Boston playwrights.  It should be an energetic evening, and one that offers a concentrated sampling of whatever has been in the creative air around here lately.

The project (this festival has been staged (with different plays) in ten different cities so far) has a very fun blog, that features interviews with many of the writers who are involved.  I'm going Saturday night and very much look forward to seeing the entire collection of work (sort of a taste of the buzzing hivemind of Boston playwriting perhaps?).

You can find out more details and buy tickets here (they're $20).

(They actually just posted some of my thoughts on their blog--you can read them here.)

Also, check out a great interview  with Dominic at the Playwrights Perspective blog, especially part II, where he talks about what's unique about the Boston/New England voice and version of the festival.  Staging this festival in so many different cities has given Dominic an unusual overview of the theatrical atmosphere in a variety of communities.

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