Friday, July 13, 2007

Be Like Mike (and what will W be like?)

I saw Mike and Kitty Dukakis last night while I was out walking my dog. They live not far from us, and I sometimes see him going to or coming from Northeastern, where he teaches. He always says hello, and he always picks up any trash that he sees on the ground. I saw him do it tonight. It's not a showy thing, designed to impress an audience, it's just a part of who he is. He walks to work, picks up litter, basically is a good neighbor (in addition to all the other impressive things he's done).

On the rest of my walk, in addition to picking up a few extra pieces of trash off the ground, I got to wondering what our current president will be like in his (not soon enough) retirement. I guess he'll be out mountain biking and trimming brush, on his own expansive ranch.

I like the idea of making sure the people we choose for our leaders are also capable of being good neighbors, who can lead by example, on the simple as well as the complex.

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