Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good News: Den of Iniquity coming to NYC

I just heard that my short play Den of Iniquity will be included in Emerging Artists Theatre's Fall EATFest. It's a fun little play, and I'm glad it'll have a chance to visit New York (I'm not sure on the dates/details yet).

I made my first submission to EAT back in 2001, then gave up for a few years (thus ensuring my plays couldn't be chosen), started submitting again in 2005, and now I've gotten in. I saw a production of the fall festival last year and thought they did a good job.

This show comes at a good time, because my fall production schedule was looking, well, completely empty. That's never a good feeling. The hardest part about spending more of my time writing books these days is the slow pace of production--it takes me a while to write a novel, and then years to get an agent and publisher and have it reach readers. I'm grateful to theatre for providing me with a sense of immediate feedback and, as long as I keep getting productions of these short plays, a sense of staying in touch with an audience (even though theatres are super slow to respond, the theatre business sucks, blah, blah, blah).

And, it was good news for a numbers guy like me, because it put my 2006 acceptance rate just over 10%. This keeps my streak of double digit acceptance percentage steady since 1999 (take out 1998, and it goes back to 1995). Nobody cares about this, of course, but somehow it makes me feel better.

(The photo is from the 2004 Boston Theatre Marathon Production of Den of Iniquity, where it was an audience favorite. Joseph Zamparelli Jr. and Karen Woodward Massey pictured.)

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